Find the cheapest parking in London

Avoid parking fines!
what are the parking restrictions near me?
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LONDON Parking Advice

Avoid parking fines and find the cheapest parking in London!!

Why pay over the odds on a parking meter when it may well be that one street away there's free or cheaper parking?

In London alone there are thousands of parking zones each with their own restrictions that vary from being wildly expensive to free – but up until now it has been virtually impossible to know which is which or to compare them.

Ever wondered why councils don’t make parking signs clear? 
According to the BBC News website: "Parking fines generated more than £650m for London councils over the past three years.’ (30 June 2008)"

Parking can be a minefield. And at the weekend parking restrictions change again and become even more confusing! With the Find Free Parking interactive map on hand you’ll never be confused by the council’s few and far between ambiguous parking signs again.


  • Find free and cheap parking around your current location.
  • enables you to search for locations and check the zones parking restrictions
  • Find cheaper parking zones around your location
  • Shows which zones are with the congestion charge area
Currently Find Free Parking covers the following 11 central London boroughs:

Hackney Parking Zones
City of London Parking Zones
Camden Parking Zones
Southwark Parking Zones
Islington Parking Zones
Westminster Parking Zones
Tower Hamlets Parking Zones
Lambeth Parking Zones
Hammersmith and Fulham Parking Zones
Kensington and Wandsworth Parking Zones
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